Vyas Anwala Churna (100g)

Vyas Anwala Churna (100g)

Vyas Anwala Churna (100g)

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Blood Purifier, Useful in Constipation, Indigestion and Gastritis

Yoga for Constipation | Yoga to Relieve Constipation | The Art of Living  India

130 (gms)

7 (cm) x 7 (cm) x 7.5 (cm)


anwala Churna is prepared from anwala powder. anwala is used as an ancient herb for the treatment of digestion problems. It is traditionally believed to be an excellent herb for constipation and other digestion problems. anwala consists of natural vitamin C that acts as an anti-oxidant and prevents formation of free radicals. anwala is known for ages and used in Indian homes for prevention of respiratory diseases. It helps to boost up the immunity and prevents recurrent attacks of infection. anwala gives quick relief from digestive disorders as it helps in balancing the pH of the stomach. anwala is known to prevent recurrent attacks of respiratory infection as it is a natural source of vitamin C.


Dried Powder of anwala fruit (seed less)


  • anwala has a lot of medicinal properties and is one of the richest possible natural sources of vitamin C or Ascorbic acid. It also contains many necessary elements for keeping our body healthy and resistant to germs and infections.
  • It gently cleanses and detoxifies the complete digestive system which gets clogged up and constipated because of the eating habits and non fibrous food that is consumed.
  • anwala replenishes and nourishes the tired body, because work and lifestyle of the people nowadays induces undue stress and ultimately the body tires and gives up and the person falls sick.
  • It is useful for preventing hair loss and acidity, which is caused due to mental stress and faulty eating.
  • It also cures indigestion, constipation, and skin ailments such as eczema,
  • It also delays the wrinkling and loosening of the skin, cures pimples and promotes glow on skin.
  • It is also used as food supplement because it has no side effect and the Vitamin C present in anwalais easily assimilated by the body.
  • Regular intake of anwala powder on an empty stomach in the morning helps to check the toxins of the body.
  • It may dissolve the blockages of heart and make the heart strong.
  • It helps to cure seasonal cold and cough.
  • It also helps to cure persistent respiratory problems such as sore throat and sinusitis.
  • Toxins which can get deposited in the liver by the regular intake of antibiotics, painkillers and alcohol, can be rid of by taking anwala and it also augments the body.
  • It helps to purify/clean the blood. It is also helpful in treating disorders of vision such as Glaucoma, Color Blindness, and Redness in Eyes, Retina Pigmentation, Dry eyes, Night blindness, Double vision and other eye disorders. Wash eyes daily in the morning with anwala water to improve the eyesight.
  • It also helps in treating constipation, stomatitis, jaundice, fever, cough, wheezing, cardiac disorders and general weakness.
  • anwala helps to boost protein metabolism; and anyone who works out and exercises regularly will benefit greatly from the regular intake of anwala.
  • People who tend to gain weigh easily have poor metabolism but anwalaenhances their metabolism and helps them to lose weigh faster. anwala is useful in controlling blood sugar level.
  • A teaspoon of a mixture of anwala, bitter gourd powder with blue berry in equal quantity taken once or twice a day will help to control diabetes. Any one can consume anwala as it is rich in fiber content and low in sugar.
  • anwala is useful for treating hair loss problems; it can be taken internally or can be applied in roots of the hair
  • It stimulates hair follicles and helps in promoting the growth of hair. It also prevents premature graying of hair and dandruff and that is why anwala is used in commonly available hair care products such as oils and shampoos. It strengthens the central nervous system of our body and heals bleeding gums and it helps to minimize body heat.
  • anwala is one of the herbs which prevents aging and promotes longevity. It has abundant source of Vitamin C containing as much as 30 times of an orange.
  • It helps to rejuvenate all the organs of the body and provides strength.
  • It also helps to keep away all diseases by boosting the immune system. It is also used for urinary problems, headache, dyspepsia, anxiety, diabetes, vomiting and the burning sensation.
  • It is found to have properties that improve memory and intelligence. A paste of the powder can also be applied to the hair and skin as a substitute for soap. The powder can be mixed with honey and applied to mouth ulcers. It pacifies tridosha.
  • anwala contains gallic acid, phyllemblin, phyllemblic acid, emblicol, ellagic acid, chebulagic acid, glucogallin, corilagin,digalloyl glucose, putranjivin A, emblicanin A and B, punigluconin, pedunculagin and quercetin. It is also a rich source of Ascorbic acid. It helps to fight free radicals (unstable ions which are present in the body).anwalais one of the chief constituents of a siddha preparation used for the prevention and reversal of atherosclerotic disease. anwalais proved to be an antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anabolic, anti-hepatoxic, anti-hyperhidrosis, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-spasmodic and hypertensive relieving properties. By the regular use of anwalaone can live a healthy and long life.
How to use

1 teaspoon to be taken twice a day with water.

Side effects 

There are no actual side effects. It is safe in children, pregnancy and lactation.But just that it is a natural coolant, some people with cold, cough may observe that the symptoms are worsening, if they are eating anwala fruit or taking anwala powder alone.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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