Kerala Ayurveda Varanadi Kwath Tablet (100 Nos)

Kerala Ayurveda Varanadi Kwath Tablet (100 Nos)
Kerala Ayurveda Varanadi Kwath Tablet (100 Nos)
Kerala Ayurveda Varanadi Kwath Tablet (100 Nos)

Kerala Ayurveda Varanadi Kwath Tablet (100 Nos)

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Varanadi Kwath Tablet
The Varanadi Kwath Tablet consists of a herbal blend of ingredients that help reduce Kapha and Vata disorders. Kapha disorders such as sinusitis and gastrointestinal problems can affect people. The tablets are useful for reducing their symptoms and improving overall health. Varanadi Kwath tablets have antirheumatic properties that help in reducing inflammation and pain associated with joint and bone diseases.
It helps promote Ayurveda digestion. It can be helpful in situations such as bloating and indigestion. It’s a natural weight control medicine that has the right combination of herbs to help reduce obesity and control weight to healthy levels. It can help with effective herbal weight control without extreme side-effects. It has anti-microbial and anti-ulcerogenic properties. It can help with healing and is helpful in respiratory diseases too.
Varanadi kwath is also prescribed by Ayurveda doctors to help lose weight in obese people by optimizing the metabolism.
Varanadi Kwath Tablet is an ayurvedic medicine that is helpful in treating certain Vata and Kapha disorders and diseases. Each herb in this tablet brings with it the properties that add to the overall effectiveness and usefulness of the tablets. Here are four ingredients and their vital characteristics.
  • Has anti-ulcerogenic components
  • Helps control diabetes
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes good health overall
  • Helps control cholesterol levels
  • Helps keep infection away
  • Helps in the treatment of depression
  • Has anti-diarrheal properties
  • Is rich in antioxidants
  • Helps protect the immune system
  • Helps pacify Vata and Kapha doshas
  • Helps prevent obesity
  • Helps in removing toxins from the body
  • Helps purify blood
  • Is helpful in promoting bowel movements
  • Is an anti-diabetic
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves liver function
  • Helps fight rheumatism
  •  Helpful in preventing skin diseases
  • Helps prevent gout
  • Is an anti-diabetic
  • Has ama reducing qualities
  • Helpful in reducing respiratory diseases
  • Helps to balance Kapha
  • Helps control blood sugar
  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Helps promote immunity
  • Protects overall health
  • Helps in blood purification
  • Helps to reduce respiratory ailments
  • Helps boost brain function
  • Reduces headaches
  • Helps in alleviating rheumatism
  • Helps fight skin problems
  • Helps stimulate digestion
  • Is effective in removing toxins
  • Helps prevent tumors
  • Helps improve appetite

Digestion problems can affect people of any age and a range of factors can affect how well your body can digest what you consume. Rheumatic diseases generally affect people of older ages although it depends on the particular disease. Some diseases mainly affect the elderly while others can affect children too. While it’s vital to understand the cause behind the condition to treat it completely, in some cases, there is no known cause.
Causes of rheumatic diseases, indigestion, hypothyroidism, and obesity
Rheumatic diseases don’t have one cause. They’re mainly caused because the immune system attacks your body’s tissues. Some say that your genes are responsible for this abnormal behavior of the immune system. Other times, it can be your environment responsible for this such as pollution and causes of infection.

Indigestion has many causes. Indigestion is commonly caused because of medications such as antibiotics, spicy foods, and eating food too quickly. It can be caused due to smoking. Anxiety can lead to indigestion too and so can consumption of alcohol. Eating a lot of chocolate or drinking coffee can lead to indigestion too. Other digestive disorders can cause indigestion too.

Hypothyroidism is caused due to a variety of factors. It can be caused because of an autoimmune disease, radiation therapy, thyroid surgery, and over-response to hyperthyroidism treatment. It can be a result of certain medications too. Some rare causes of hypothyroidism are pregnancy, congenital disease, iodine deficiency, and pituitary disorder.
Obesity is caused due to a sedentary lifestyle and overeating. Your genes can make you more susceptible to obesity. Some medications such as antidepressants and antihistamines can lead to obesity. Certain diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome can lead to obesity. For some people, it’s psychological factors that can lead to obesity.
Ayurveda’s perspective on digestion problems and rheumatic disorders
When there is an imbalance of Kapha, then disorders such as obesity, sinusitis, and gastrointestinal problems can arise. There are numerous ways in which you can balance Kapha to reduce the disorders mentioned and to prevent the onset of other Kapha-related disorders. The first is to have a routine and to ensure that you don’t feel stuck. You want to keep the energy moving and this is important in Kapha. You can read books, solve puzzles or do whatever you like to stimulate your mind and your body. For people with Kapha imbalance, a vigorous exercise routine is recommended such as biking, martial arts, and hiking.

You want to ensure that you listen to lively music if you have aggravated Kapha. Another tip is to keep dry and warm regardless of the weather. An easy way to balance your Kapha imbalance is to make changes to your diet. You should eat warm foods and those which are dry. Light foods can be good for you as well. You want to ensure that you cook your meals yourself and use organic ingredients for the best results. You can eat honey which is beneficial for pacifying Kapha. You can use heating spices such as ginger and chili to help pacify Kapha too. You should focus on eating bitter, pungent or astringent tasting foods.

Rheumatic diseases are due to Vata imbalance. Hence, if you have any type of rheumatic disease or disorder then you should work on pacifying your Vata dosha. This means eating a Vata-pacifying diet. You should eat warm spices but avoid hot spices. You should focus on eating foods that have a salty, sour or sweet taste. You should drink water at room temperature or you can drink warm water as it’s helpful in pacifying Vata. You can add ghee to your meals as this pacifies Vata. Having soy milk with nutmeg has proven to be useful for many people too. You can consume dairy products as long as they are warm.

For balancing Vata you should listen to music that soothes your senses and that makes you feel peaceful. If you wish then you can spend time massaging with sesame oil for at least 10 minutes. Gentle exercises are recommended if you have a Vata disorder. You can do these exercises at least 5 times a week. Examples of such exercises include yoga and walking. Having a routine helps people with any dosha get their lives back on track without feeling vulnerable or confused. You can set time for eating, exercising, working, going out, etc. The key is that you should feel at peace.

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