Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)

Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)
Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)
Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)
Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)
Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)
Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)
Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)
Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)

Kapiva Get Slim Juice (1L)

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Get Slim Ayurvedic juice is a direct extraction of Flax Seeds and Castor which are age-old medicinal herbs aiding in weight loss.

Consumption of this fat burning juice is good for stomach upsets, constipation and clearing out your digestive system.


Are you fed up of processed food, impure ingredients and the lack of quality or authenticity?


  • Helps in weight management by boosting metabolism
  • Increases the movement of intestinal muscles so can help in relieving constipation and aids digestive processes
  • Prolongs feelings of fullness
  • Maintains healthy muscles and joints through the effects of castor


Q. What is the taste of this juice?
A. All our juices are made from 100% natural and pure ingredients. We do not add any flavours, sugar, preservatives, etc. to alter the taste of these juices.

Q. Is this new bottle same as the old one ? Ingredients and information on the bottle looks different
A. The ingredients and the formulation of our juices have not changed. We have improved the packaging of our products to provide you more information about the product. The potency of our juices remains the same throughout.

Q. Does it work for pcod ?
A. Get slim juice along with a proper diet and exercise schedule will help you in weight management which will be helpful for PCOD. However, it would be best to consult with our medical expert so that he can suggest you according to your health hence requesting you to get in touch with us:)

Q. In case of no fridge, is it ok to store at room temperature?
A. It is advised to refrigerate our products after it has been opened to ensure that its contents are not exposed to open air. It enables bad bacteria to grow inside the bottle which leads to molding. Please refrigerate the bottle to ensure its health benefits are intact.

Q. When to take kapiva slim juice?
A. you can consume 30ml of the juice twice a day, once before breakfast on an empty stomach and once at night before dinner.

Q. What’s Shelf life of Kapiva juices? Do we have to throw the left over contents after a month?
A. The shelf life of Kapiva's Juices is 18 months from the date of manufacturing. These juices should be consumed within one month of opening the bottle and should be kept in a cool and dry place to gain maximum health benefits.

Q. Are there any added preservatives?
A. Our products are made using natural ingredients and techniques to retain the nutrition and freshness of the products. However, for our juices, we use only 0.2% recommended and safe class 2 preservatives. These preservatives, do not alter the nutritional value of our products and are safe to consume.

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