Cureveda Liver Loyal (60 tabs)

Cureveda Liver Loyal (60 tabs)
Cureveda Liver Loyal (60 tabs)
Cureveda Liver Loyal (60 tabs)
Cureveda Liver Loyal (60 tabs)
Cureveda Liver Loyal (60 tabs)

Cureveda Liver Loyal (60 tabs)

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Liver support & detox

-Provides support in fatty liver
-Helps to protect against hepata-toxicity caused due to antibiotics or alcohol
-Helps to detox the liver and improve digestions & metabolism
-Milk thistle, Dandelion, Chicory
-60 vegetarian tablets, 30 day pack
-100% herbal & safe for long term use

Carefully Crafted Remedies
Is your liver healthy and functioning properly?

Healthy liver is essential for digestion and elimination of toxic substances. Prolonged injury or damage to the liver results in liver disorder. Alcohol, antibiotics are common causes for liver disease.

Symptoms of liver disease include swelling of the abdomen and legs, bruising easily, changes in the colour of stool and urine, yellowing of the skin & eyes.

Cureveda Liver loyal is a powerful blend of three super herbs – Milk thistle, Dandellion root and chicory. This formula is useful in enlarged liver, It also helps to regulate bile secretion which further aids in metabolism and digestion. Cureveda Liver Loyal is helpful as a hepatoprotector and is recommended for people whoeat junk food, are on antibiotics, or have an unhealthy lifestyle as it helps to detoxthe liver. It is recommended for those people whose liver is damaged byalcoholism, fatty liver disease, viral infection of liver, as well asliver toxicity due to allergic food .Chicory is helpful in liver problems like fatty liver, alcoholic liverproblem. Dandelion root helps to stimulate the liver cells. It keeps liver healthy & strong. Helpful inliverproblems like enlarged liver, constipation , indigestion due to liverdysfunction.

Herbs for Health
The herbal goodness in every product promises better bioavailability and higher safety. We believe not only in symptomatic relief, but going to the root cause and delivering long lasting benefits. Know more about about the mechanism of action of these valuable ingredients.

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