Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati (50tab)

Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati (50tab)
Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati (50tab)

Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati (50tab)

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Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati For Gas, Indigestion, Stomach Ache, Heart Burn, Flatulence, Gastric Problems

35 (gms)

3.7 (cm) x 3.7 (cm) x 7.5 (cm)

About Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati

Colic pain & gases are perhaps the most commonly encountered disease in mankind. Ayurvedic has an excellent remedy for this. Gaisantak Bati is an excellent formula for such complaints. It acts as an antacid and carminative. It is indicated in colic. Increase appetite anti-flatulent smoothly corrects symptoms like fullness.

Gaisantak Bati is composed of hing and a natural digestive formula for Vata, also know as asafetida, combined with other ayurvedic herbs to help maintain the proper function of the gastrointestinal tract. It is primarily used for imbalances of Apana vay, the downward moving energy of the body.

It acts as an antacid & carminative. It is indicated in colic. Increase appetite & removes gastric flatuency. Smoothly correct symptoms like fullness, bloated sensation, flatulence. Prevents uneasiness after heavy meals.

Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati Benefits:

  • increasing appetite 
  • creating balance in energies
  • removes gastric flatuency

Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati Features 

  • each pack contains 100 tablets
  • ayurvedic product

Ingredients of Gaisantak Bati

  • Lahsun
  • Sonth
  • Ajowan
  • Vid Lavan
  • Nausadar
  • Hing
  • Lehsun

Gastritis Causes

  • Consuming spicy and heavy food depletes the stomach wall, hence causing gastritis.
  • Anemia, especially pernicious anemia leads to inflammation of the stomach wall.
  • Gastric ulcers are also responsible for causing gastritis.
  • Infections caused by viruses and bacteria also lead to gastritis.
  • Excess consumption of alcohol leads to gastritis.
  • Leading unhealthy lifestyles also can cause gastritis.

General Description for Dosage of Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati

  • 2 tablets thrice a day or as prescribed by physician
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