Alarsin Aloes Compound Tablet (100 tab)

Alarsin Aloes Compound Tablet (100 tab)

Alarsin Aloes Compound Tablet (100 tab)

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For Female Infertility, Scanty menses, Amenorrhoea & Dysmenorrhoea

Delayed Puberty

Normal development milestone is when the first period (menarche) starts about 2 years after breasts first start to develop.

Bloating & Pain

Dysmenorrhoea or cramps occur in around 80% of women and 40% also experience bloating, mood swings, clumsiness and tiredness.


Stress, drastic weight change, poor diet, hormonal imbalance are some reasons that cause scanty periods.


May be caused by the onset of puberty, menopause, birth control pills or excessive fasting and exercise.

01Going off The Pill
The body needs to adjust to the new balance of hormones and sideeffects that might include spotting, cramps, or irregularity.
Even generally healthy women can face infertility due to hormonal
imbalance, inflammation or abnormal cervical mucus.

About Alarsin Aloes Compound

Effective menstrual health management


  • Effective in Menstrual Disorders as:
  1. Irregular and Scanty periods
  2. Amenorrhea
  3. Dysmenorrhea
  4. Delayed Menarche
  • This non-hormonal drug can be beneficially used to promote conception in cases of primary and secondary sterility.
  • It represents a broad spectrum of activity.

– Mainly working as fertility agent in infertility
– Ovulation inducing drug in irregular cycles
– Enhancing glycogen content in hypo glycogen uterus


Positive advantages of Aloes Compound  Treatment

  • Stimulates and establishes normal ovulatory menstrual cycles.
  • Ensures proper quality and quantity of cervical mucous.
  • Enhances receptivity for conception up to 50% to 60%.
  • No danger of hyper-stimulation of ovaries as in the cases with Clomiphene and Gonadotrophin.
  • Improves general health Haematinic, Liver corrective, Relieves constipation, Induces a sense of well-being.
  • Convenient and safe especially for teenagers and unmarried where pelvic examination, investigations, and hormonal treatment are not possible or desirable.
  • Aloes Compound can be given advantageously to counter side effects after discontinuation of contraceptive pills.
Active Ingredients

Aloes 70mg, Hirabol 70mg, Majith 35mg, Humal 35mg, Kasis bhasma 30mg, Kamboji 30mg

How To Use

  • Irregular and Scanty Menses, Amenorrhoea, Delayed Menarche: 2 tablets twice or thrice a day for 3-4 months. (Discontinue when pregnancy is suspected).
  • Dysmenorrhoea: 2 tablets thrice a day from 3 to 5 days before the expected date of menses till menses begin and pain subsides. To be repeated for 3-4 cycles.
  • To counteract side effects of Contraceptive pills: 2 tablets twice or thrice a day
    (a course of 100 to 200 tablets). To be repeated as and when required.

Female Infertility: When menstrual pattern and quantity of flow are normal, to induce normal ovulatory cycles & to improve fertility index, 2 tablets twice a day, starting from 1st day of m.c. to the 14th day of the cycle. To be repeated every cycle till wife misses the period and pregnancy is confirmed

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