Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Color (100g)

Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Color (100g)
Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Color (100g)
Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Color (100g)
Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Color (100g)

Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Color (100g)

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    Indus Valley Soft Black Henna Hair Color is a natural henna dye for hair indulge with the three most beautiful coloring & treating herbs that are Cassia Leaves(Colorless Henna), Organic Henna Leaf Powder and Organic Indigo Leaf Powder. Bio Organic Henna powder is an actual Organic powder as the name suggests, it is free of all chemicals, Synthetic color/fragrances and even the herbs are free of pesticides and fertilizers. Black henna Hair color dye will cover all premature or mature grey faded hair smoothly gives a hair natural young black appearance. It is a Soft Black Henna Hair Color that gives hair a beautiful soft touch with the rich black coloration means it is an amazing Henna dye for coloration and hair care & treatment.

      Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

      79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India

      • Cassia Leaves or Colorless henna, perfect herb to add shine to your hair as henna usually does without giving the henna color. Bio Organic Henna with the goodness of henna herb wonders for black hair lovers or for those who have diff. color taste apart red henna color.
      • Henna Leaf Powder, from boosting scalp health to soften hair strands, it has done amazing benefits to hair. Henna is a must-use ingredient nearly in every hair color, either use in DIY hair color recipes of raw Henna powder or may use in market base black hair color or other variants of henna hair dye.
      • Indigo Leaf Powder, Indigo is a blue hair dyeing herb use to darken hair and smoothly covers the grey, white and all faded hair for young and radiant hair looks. Also, it soothes the scalp to promote hair growth.

      Rich Black Henna Dye to Cover All Grey

      Herbal hair colour black is a natural herbal dye gives your hair a warm black colour. It is a 100% natural hair product that causes no allergies and gives natural black color to hair.

      Keeping hair Strong & Healthy

      Henna known to strengthen condition and nourish the tresses from deep within. Natural Henna Dye is a beauty regimen for hair that maintains the hair luster and gives them gloss while providing the perfect coloration.

      Naturally Detangles the Tangled/Curly hair

      Along with the coloration, it is a beautiful hair conditioner that equally helps to detangle the frizzy & curly hair and makes hair prfectly manageable & soothing.

      Organic Henna Dye, Substitute to Chemical Hair Dye/Colors

      Non-toxic hair color indulges with the pesticide-free herbs and induces with no chemicals & adulterations. Application of organic henna imparts a very nice cooling effect to scalp soothing itching & infection. It normalizes the body heat and acts as a relaxant when applied on the scalp.

      Prevents hair loss & Cures Dandruff

      Henna soothes the flakes and irritation of the hair shaft increasing the strength of the hair and fixing the damage. It helps repair split ends and ensures thicker, lustrous hair with each application.

      Gentle long-lasting Impacts

      Being a Natural & Organic Hair Dye, It lasts long on hair and will keep the shine & glow of hair. Henna on hair lasts longer and stain darker.

      HOW TO USE:

      1. Wet your hair with water.
      2. Prepare a thick paste of henna color by adding warm water to it.
      3. After, Mix the paste with a non metallic-spoon and then apply it on hair to every strand.
      4. For better dark hair results blow dry your hair for 5 minutes just after the application of the hair color paste. Rest it on the head for 45-50 minutes.
      5. Rinse off under tap running plain water.

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