Kerala Ayurveda Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu (200ml)

Kerala Ayurveda Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu (200ml)
Kerala Ayurveda Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu (200ml)
Kerala Ayurveda Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu (200ml)

Kerala Ayurveda Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu (200ml)

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Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu
Prabhanjana Kuzhambu is beneficial for helping give relief from conditions that are associated with Vata imbalances. It has been found to be helpful in both acute and chronic Vata imbalance related diseases. Some of these conditions are weakness, abdominal colic, numbness, hernia, and neuromuscular disorders. The Prabhanjanam joints care oil helps to give joint-related pain relief as well. The oil’s ayurvedic components work to give relief from stiff joints too.
The oil is helpful in the case of rheumatic arthritis since it helps to reduce the associated symptoms. The Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu oil has been termed as a nerve tonic since it helps to calm the nerves and helps to relieve pain associated with nerve disorders. The oil is useful for strengthening the body. It helps to prevent the onset of other diseases. The oil can be used in the case of paralytic conditions because of the potent herbs used in its preparation.
The Prabhanjanam Kuzhambu oil has many benefits due to the use of herbs in its formulation. Three herbs that are used to prepare this powerful oil are as follows.
  • Helps pacify Vata
  • Helps in promoting strength
  • Helpful for the muscles, bones, and joints
  • Helps in recovery and healing
  • Helps give relief from pain
  • Increases lubrication of joints
  • Helps prevent nervous system disorders
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Has antioxidants
  • Helps reduce swelling
  • Has rejuvenating properties
  • Promotes joint function
  • Helps balance Pitta and Vata
  • Has a cooling and calming properties
  • Helps reduce pain
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps in improving muscle function
  • Helps improve overall strength
  • Prevents neurodegenerative diseases
  • Has immune-boosting properties
  • Helps increase energy levels
  • Improves nerve cell communication
  • Is a natural pain reliever

Diseases don’t always show symptoms. The diseases that do show symptoms can indicate that something is going wrong in your body. This can help with early treatment before the problem gets worse or untreatable. However, for symptoms that don’t show at all, it can be difficult to detect if there is anything wrong going on. For certain diseases such as rheumatic diseases, it might take at least a few months for the symptoms to show. Others might show earlier.
Causes of hernia, colic, numbness, weakness, and neuromuscular disorders
Hernia is caused because of strain and muscle weakness that occur together. A strain or muscle weakness can be caused because of ascites, obesity, being overweight, and damage because of an injury. It can be caused due to aging, constipation, and congenital condition too. Another cause of hernia can be pregnancy or lifting heavyweights.

Colic in adults depends on the type of colic. Renal colic is caused due to urinary stones or kidney stones. Biliary colic is the result of gallstones. Intestinal colic is the result of liquid or food blockage that is unable to pass through the body. Common causes are inflammatory intestinal conditions, cancerous tumors, infected diverticula, and scar tissue formation.

Numbness is caused because of various reasons. It can happen if you have shingles, radiation therapy, insect bites, and herniated disk. Numbness can occur when you stand or sit in the same way for quite some time. Frostbites, seafood toxins, nerve damage, and certain medicines can cause numbness too.
Weakness can be because of depression, chemotherapy, the flu, congestive heart failure, anemia, nerve injuries, some muscle diseases, and lack of sleep. It can be caused due to thyroid disease, diseases that affect the muscles or nerves, vitamin B-12 deficiency, and side-effects from certain medications.
Neuromuscular disorders cause problems to your muscles, the nerves that work with your muscles, and the communication that occurs between your muscles and nerves. The cause of neuromuscular disorders depends on the particular disease. They can be caused due to genes. For some of the diseases, there are no known causes.
Ayurvedic perspective on Vata disorders 
According to Ayurveda, the Vata dosha is considered the most powerful out of the three doshas. The reason is that Vata controls some of the most basic functions of the body. For example, your bodily movements are governed by the Vata dosha. The activities that are undertaken by your nervous system are governed by Vata. Proper elimination of waste material from your body is governed by Vata. If you take a closer look then you will notice that these are functions that are of utmost importance for your wellbeing. This is why if Vata is imbalanced then it can wreak havoc in your body and it can affect your whole body.

When Vata is imbalanced then you can suffer from disorders and diseases such as colic, paralytic attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, hernia, and weakness. Neuromuscular diseases are results of dosha imbalances too. When Vata is imbalanced for a long time than the other two doshas, Kapha and pitta, get affected too. That is, they can become imbalanced too. This leads to more serious problems such as chronic diseases that can be life-threatening in some cases. This is why you must balance your Vata the moment you see signs of imbalance in your body. This can prevent the onset of chronic diseases. Even if you have a disorder, balancing Vata can be beneficial.
There are various ways in which you can balance your Vata. The first and foremost method is through your diet. You should include salty, sweet, and sour tasting foods in your diet. When it comes to sweet foods remember to select foods that naturally taste sweet, not the ones that are processed. Another important factor to balance Vata is to eat meals that you cook yourself fresh. Avoid keeping your food in the fridge. You can eat one-pot meals if you wish. Your main focus should be on nourishing foods. Certain herbs such as shatavari and ashwagandha can be beneficial when you have too much Vata in your diet.   
When you eat your meals, you should remember to chew your food slowly and to be in the present moment when you are eating. You can do certain yoga postures for balancing your Vata. For example, vriksasana, vajrasana, virabhadrasana, and Surya namaskar are beneficial for people with aggravated Vata. Instead of rushing to get things completed, it’s recommended that you take your time whenever you do something. Having a routine is good for balancing Vata. Exhaustion is the last thing which is why having a routine and following it will be beneficial to you. It will enable you to think clearly too.

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